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Sheila Burr

Background & Experience

Following a teaching career which included all ages and academic levels in both urban and rural settings, Sheila discovered the Trager Approach. She immediately resonated with its respectful and light-hearted manner of viewing the whole person. Using gentle movement to remind us how to release unnecessary tension made total sense to her.

Today there is ample evidence from science that Dr. Trager was correct in understanding the intricate connections among all aspects of a human being. A comfortable body permits a comfortable mind and vice versa. An integrated approach to body, mind and spirit can ease us into wellness.

Trager has helped thousands of people with back problems, stress-related complaints, and neuromuscular conditions as well as athletes and singers looking to improve their performance.

Sheila has witnessed dramatic and long-lasting improvements in clients. Her training in related modalities enriches what she brings to each individual person.

For over 15 years she has provided monthly sessions to the staff of a law firm in Toronto as part of their wellness program. Sheila offers Trager in the town of Kincardine on the shore of beautiful Lake Huron.

Practitioner since:
Related modalities offered:
Natural Vision Improvement
Cranial therapy
Thai massage
Kincardine, ON
(226) 222-8686