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Service Marks

The Dancing Cloud Logo

Years ago, Tai Chi master and calligrapher Al Huang asked Milton Trager: "What does this Trager work feel like?"

Dr. Trager responded: "I can't tell you Al. Why don't you get on the table and I'll show you?"

After the session, Al got up from the table and exclaimed, "I feel like a Dancing Cloud!"  He then went home and painted this beautiful Chinese calligraphy character which says "Dancing Cloud," and gave it as a gift to Milton Trager and the Trager Institute.

It is now the logo of Trager International.


Registered Service Marks

"Trager"®, "Mentastics"®, and the Dancing Cloud Logo® are all registered service marks of Trager International. They can only be used by designated members in good standing of Trager International.

Copyright 2005 Trager International. All rights reserved.