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Testimonials from practitioners

In the words of Kristina Beaubien, R.M.T., C.S.T., C.T.P. (Toronto, ON):

Having studied Massage and Shiatsu therapy, when I received my first Trager treatment, it was like the domino effect, all these pieces started to fall into place. Not everyone can take deep work, and deep does not necessarily work for acute or chronic situations. Here was an approach that created
space between the tissues, that allowed people to let go of holding patterns, rejuvenate the nervous system and feel deeply relaxed.

The principles of Trager are very deep and profound. Taking up the slack, feeling the weight, just being with the tissue, asking the questions.
All can be applied to everyday life as well as a practitioner of the bodymind.

The space, the movement, the letting go, being present, gentle, light, creative, activating our own healing capacity, hardness, softness,
what's moving and what is not, unconscious and conscious, are just a few of the experiences in Trager. I find my process and my work
is continually changing and refining. Trager introduced me to and gave me a different perspective of the body and bodywork