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Beginning in 1981, the Trager® Institute, based in California, U.S.A., had the role of training and supporting Trager Students and Practitioners around the world.

Trager Canada had its beginnings at the 1994 International Trager Conference at Tamiment, Pennsylvania. Practitioners and Students from Canada were invited to a meeting during the Conference to discuss shared interests and objectives, and whether these were being met by the Trager Institute at that time.

As a result of that meeting, a request was made (and subsequently accepted) by the Trager Institute to establish the Canadian Trager Committee, which had representatives from BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

The CTC continued to meet and worked to represent the needs of Canadian Practitioners and Students within the Trager Institute until 2000.

At that time, the administration of the Institute underwent a restructuring, which led to the establishment of National Associations (NAs) worldwide under the oversight of a new governing body, Trager International.

As an outcome of that process, the Canadian Trager Committee was transformed into two National Associations within Canada:

  • Trager Canada (TC), for members outside Quebec
  • L'association québecoise pour le Trager (AQT), for members in Quebec.

Trager Practitioners and Students volunteered to share their expertise in organizational development and other relevant areas to create these not-for-profit educational organizations, with formal bylaws and a governing Board of Directors.

Trager Canada continues to:

  • provide services to its members, both Students and Practitioners, including those which ensure Practitioners can be licensed in their municipality;
  • support course organization and the Practitioner certification and on-going recertification process;
  • ensure that Practitioners continue to meet the standards of practice and code of conduct set out by Trager International;
  • support activities and develop resources for the promotion of the Trager Approach to the public at large and to other professional groups;
  • participate in the governance of Trager International;
  • liaise with other National Associations, to ensure consistency of practices and to share best organizational practices.