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Continuing Education

Initial Requirements

Within two (2) years of obtaining practitioner certification, attend either of these two Trager trainings:

  1. Level IV (3 days); or
  2. Basic Reflex Response (3 days)


Following the Level IV or Basic Reflex Response training:

  1. Give at least 15 sessions integrating the material from the training.
  2. Receive at least 5 sessions.
  3. Have at least one (1) tutorial to evaluate integration.

Ongoing Requirements

After completing the initial requirements and associated fieldwork:

Every three (3) years, accumulate at least 24 hours of training related to movement or somatic education, private practice, or group presentation or group leadership. These trainings may be taken from Trager International or other recognized providers such as official bodywork organizations (AMTA® or NCBTMB® in the USA), the Upledger Institute®, Aston-Patterning®, Bodymind Centering®, Feldenkrais®, Continuum®, and Authentic Movement®.

NOTE: These 24 hours must include at least one (1) Trager tutorial.

These requirements apply to Practitioners, Senior Practitioners, and practitioners pursuing Senior Practitioner certification.


Optional Advanced Status

For practitioners who wish to further develop their skills, including teaching The Trager Approach to the public, there is training and certification available for several additional statuses:

  • Senior Practitioner
  • Leader: Introductory Workshop, Mentastics, Supervised Practice
  • Tutor
  • Tutor Supervisor
  • Teacher: Anatomy, Reflex Response, Mentastics, Elective
  • Instructor

For further information about prerequisites, application forms, and training requirements for any of these statuses, refer to the Trager Handbook (available to members) or contact the Trager Canada administrator.