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Nadine Feldman

Background & Experience

I have been in private practice and providing my service for individuals, corporate clients and health-focused events since 1996. Clients are also welcome to receive sessions at my studio, Mind Your Body, in the Annex area of Toronto. For those who are so over-scheduled in their days that they prefer to receive their treatments in the comfort of their own homes, as well as for seniors and those with limited mobility, I am happy to offer on-site visits.

By consistently practising the principles of Trager (softness, ease, non-judgmental inquisitiveness), the quest for more freedom of movement, fluidity, increased mobility and greater health on all levels is pursued. With regular Trager treatment, new and positive patterns are then developed which can positively impact our quality of life.

I approach clients with a gentle and respectful touch, which allows for an experience of greater ease, comfort and a deeper connection with one's self. Working together, we go on a journey of gentle discovery. I have experience with a wide array of physical challenges, including: tension and migraine headaches, stress, insomnia, physical discomfort & pain, neck and back pain, auto-immune diseases (e.g. MS, Fibromyalgia), balance, mobility and stability problems, and women who are experiencing peri- and post-menopausal symptoms.

"This work continually renews me, awakens my intuition and empathy, and provides me with much joy as I watch my clients leave their aches and pains behind, making progress much farther and faster than they thought possible. I take great pleasure in sharing my knowledge with my clients. It is a privilege to be able to provide this service.

Come to a place of softness, of ease, of peace within. Explore feeling balanced, feeling open, feeling grounded."  - Nadine Feldman

Practitioner since:
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Gentle Swedish
489 Dupont Street, Suite 201
Toronto, ON
(416) 406-0836