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Shelly Siskind

Background & Experience

I have been a Trager Practitioner, Tutor and Teacher for over 35 years. I had the privilege of studying directly under Dr. Milton Trager, and venerated body worker Betty Fuller; who helped shape the teachability of his work.

My immersion into Trager shifted me personally and professionally. The gentle, non-intrusive rocking motions of this bodywork teaches the body how to move with greater ease and comfort. On the surface, Trager provided me with a feeling of relaxation. On a deeper level, it shifted my ingrained patterns, which Milton believed were held in the unconscious mind. I had never experienced anything so profoundly, and I was eager to share this work. In order for me to learn how to deliver this practice, I needed to drop my "fixing" mentality, and maintain a more open and Fully Present attitude; focused on the needs of my clients. After a lifelong exploration of various bodywork and mindfulness approaches, Trager continues to inform me fully and remains the most effective of all modalities I have experienced.

My client base has always been small and focused. Over the years, in addition to relaxation and movement re-education, I have addressed a wide range of debilitating conditions from eating disorders, self-harm and extreme stress, to back pain and compromised mobility. After the table work sessions, I provide my clients with MentasticsĀ© (a combination of the terms mental and gymnastics); these continue the treatment by recalling the feelings conveyed to the nervous system and the memories of ease and comfort that were activated. This important Self-Care  aspect of Trager reinforces the new patterns, and forms the basis upon which I built my programs. 

My business, Creative Stress Management, was developed to move Trager "off the table" and into the community. I delivered workshops to businesses and individuals. These techniques morphed into "Self-As-A-Resource", enabling clients to become their own tool kits for well-being.

I recently became a Trager Teacher, creating the elective "The Dynamic Language of Touch". This course is for Practitioners to learn which simple movement patterns will reach their clients at their deepest levels, amplifying their ability to reach the mind simply and effectively. Dr. Trager's hands are still guiding mine as I recall him saying, "It's all in the mind".


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Trager Elective - They Dynamic Language of Touch
Energy Work
London, ON
(519) 673-2143